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  • We are ambitious women, who are READY TO LEVEL UP!

  • We are NOT WILLING TO  buy into the hustle + grind and that whole "overworked, under-slept, thang 24-7" story.

  • We design our lives, work whenever (and wherever) we want + live that laptop freedom based lifestyle 


“The FIVE POINT Freedom Blueprint: Unlocking 10k Months": 💸

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Hey there!  I’m Nicole Bloomberg., and I'm thrilled you're here.

 I’m a  Sales + Marketing & Mindset Coach { Business Strategist } Sales + Marketing & Mindset Coach { Business Strategist }, I am your behind the, scenes marketing guru I am your secret weapon to grow + scale. your business  so you can make a bigger impact (and more money).  

I’ve figured out exactly what the top performers are doing. How the  the Marie Forleo’s, Amy Porterfield's & Tony Robbin's  of the world are rocking their life + business so you don't have to. . 

My mission is simple yet powerful: to empower aspiring coaches like you to build a profitable business doing what you love. Now I am  dedicated to  educating, inspiring fellow coaches to follow their calling and use their unique gifts, talents, +  expertise for a purpose greater than themselves.



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  •  Confidence & Mindset Mastery:available to help you increase productivity, ditch limiting beliefs, increase confidence remove blocks Success blocks, clear negative emotions, eliminate procrastination + perfectionism



You deserve to have balance, freedom, fulfillment, and joy in your life! 

As a Intuitive Business + Mindset Coach.

Nicole Bloomberg is here to inspire you & motivate you to act from your higher-self!

She will give you the tools, knowledge, guidance to transform your mind, life & business so you can RISE UP to achieve success in whatever area of life you choose to focus on!


Nicole noticed that the more she leaned into meditation, mindset work, and manifestation exercises, the more successful her businesses became.

She realized that, "business strategy and spirituality were closely aligned and mindset is the foundation of it all."

Mindset affects behaviour and daily routines, and is aligned with Mind, Body, & Soulful Business. Nicole wanted to help other women discover this connection and use it to strengthen and grow their businesses and create more easeful, prosperous lives.



Get instant access to my POWER 70 Guide + what you should do on the daily in your biz to start hitting those $10k months!

"Nicole has helped me scale my business and create a strategy for my business. With Nicole's guidance and education I am confident about the future of my business and I look forward to launching my new program. With Nicole's simple launch plan I have all the steps to make it happen with confidence."

Michelle Mcvittie
Parenting Coach + Child Life Specialist

"“Bloomberg Marketing has played a huge part in helping to start up everything social for Nama Mama. Nicole listened to my ideas and helped me share them through social media in pure and authentic ways. With Nicole’s knowledge and expertise she has helped me reach a larger audience and fantastic growth.I recommend using Bloomberg Marketing to anyone who is new with social media and is looking to grow & scale their business. Nicole also is very creative & helped me with social media content, planning, & management and even with photography for my feed! Nicole is a delight to work with and I’m so happy to be working with such a fantastic team!” Nicole Facella CEO of NAMA MAMA"

Nicole Facella CEO of NAMA MAMA

"I came across Nicole through a group on Facebook when I was looking for a coach.  I recently felt stuck, overwhelmed, stressed and frustrated in my business and my life.  I was holding down a job, running my husband business, looking after the kids and trying to start my own business.  I needed someone to sort my head out.  I spoke with Nicole on the phone to see if we were a good fit and after talking to her for an hour I felt she was definitely someone I could work with.  I had never had a life coach before so this was new to me. Our first session was amazing, we talked, worked through things, she gave me tools to use when I was stressed and worksheets to work on until our next session.  Nicole would text in between sessions just to check in and see how I was doing. When I have my first breakthrough it felt amazing and Nicole was with me all the way.  We are nearing the end of our sessions but WOW what a change I see in myself! Nicole has helped my work through so much and giving me the tools I needed to carry this work on.  Nicole is so good at this I would highly recommend working with her."


""Nicole has had a huge impact on my life the last 6 months. Not only did she put me on the right track with re-vamping my business but, also put me in a "good head space" to move forward and reach my goals. she has been inviting, friendly, calm and always around when I needed her. Nicole is eager to help, I was stuck in the same spot in my business for a long time & didn't know which way to turn. Nicole has pointed me in the right direction & there is no looking back! I am forever grateful for Nicole and all she has done, taught me, and pushed me. to do. I would highly recommend Nicole! You have nothing to lose + everything positive to gain!""

Jordana Harwood
Mom Boss

"Little did I know this would lead to a life changing transformation. Prior to working with Nicole, I had hit a rough patch. I had gained weight, was extremely anxious and overwhelmed with the stress. I was absolutely burnt out and was desperate for help. I had tried to deal with all of my responsibilities at once + couldn’t wrap my head around why I wasn’t making progress. If I have always been a motivated individual my entire life, how can I be doing all the right things and still fail? No matter how many goals I set, I still was not reaching them. No matter how hard I worked, I still was drowning in debt. I then became more stressed after not reaching my goals which lead me to the same cycle of feeling extremely anxious, overwhelmed, and now frustrated from failing myself. Nicole’s 8 week program exposed me the different aspect of my life I have ignored. This program allowed me to reflect on myself and really understand myself and why I do things a certain way, why my relationship with myself has shifted. I began to understand what certain triggers are for me, why I had a bad relationship with money, why I was not reaching my goals. Working on each one of my mental blocks allowed me to transform the way I view and interpret things but more importantly has allowed me to FINALLY reach my goals. I began to advocate myself like never before and everyone around me even noticed the shift in my energy. I started focusing on my lifelong bad habits and working on them. Once the 8 week program was over, I began to think what will I do now moving forward without Nicole as a coach? I decided to work with her one on one to continue my personal growth. What I enjoyed most was Nicole was a complete stranger to me and was able to identify my weaknesses and help me connect the dots of my mental blocks. We all have mental blocks whether we want to believe it or not. We get so caught up on our routines with work, family and every day responsibilities that we forget to fill our glass. This has been the best investment I have made in myself and I encourage people to invest in themselves. If you can’t make more than a certain amount of money, if you cannot reach your goals, then I encourage you to work with Nicole. The difference between everyday regular people like me and some of the wealthiest people on this planet is mindset. This journey allowed me to see that even the people closest to us can be toxic and it’s up to us to be aware of those triggers. It’s okay to set boundaries. It’s okay to take time for yourself to rebalance and refocus. It requires a mindset shift and discipline. This NLP work has allowed me to shift my energy to reclaim my power. "

Yazil Betancourt
Finance, Female Entrepreneur

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